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Posts tagged ‘Ferran Adria’

Catching Up to September

I took this picture at this year’s DUMBO Arts Festivalof Gabriel Barcia-Colombo’s  For Those Who Wait installation that pretty much captures my state of mind. Given that my monthly catching up posts typically run late, I probably should have picked a different name. I rarely catch-up, but with the clocks temporarily stopped, I’ll keep trying. Read more

Catching Up in July

During the summer, it’s easy to drift into your own world enjoying long days and longer weekends, but there was an intensity to this July that didn’t allow for easy disconnect. There was tragic and terrifying news , too soon goodbyes, and on a personal note – friends facing unthinkable and unexpected challenges. On the other extreme, I got to spend last Sunday at City Hall with two other friends who’d just won the literal lottery, allowing them to make it official after 27 years on the first day that it was legal to do so in New York City. Swinging between high anxiety, deep sympathy, and pure excitement, I couldn’t say the news has been all good or all bad but the past few weeks, I’ve been constantly reminded just how fragile it all is, or maybe it was the heat making everything tremble. Read more

Catching Up in November

I almost skipped my catching up post because I could not believe (accept) just how fast November went by.  With the holidays only starting, I don’t expect it to slow down any time soon (plus the Rockefeller Christmas tree is lit so there’s no going back).  My list of things to do and see keeps growing.  I finally went to Eataly a couple of weeks ago and though it was hard to navigate the sea of people I can’t wait to go back.  Click here for Serious Eats’ coverage of the opening.  I’m also looking forward to visiting the new Plaza Food Hall by Todd English.  It’s may be over the top but I can’t resist Fifth Avenue in December. Read more

Catching Up in August

August seemed to come out of nowhere then in a flash it was gone, taking summer with it.  You’d think I would have learned last year.  Still, there’s plenty of great things to read, try, and eat over the long weekend.  The Miami Herald did a great story about Jorge Bravo’s Hispanic Kitchen, a site I’ve enjoyed being a part of that’s definitely worth checking out.  Venezuelan chef Terry Hope Romero talks to the Daily News about making Latin American food animal and dairy free in Viva Vegan! A book I’ll have to buy just find out how she managed the tres leches cake.  The heat may be giving way to fall but there’s still time for late summer gazpacho, chicken marinated in mojo, and smoked chocolate and tequila ice cream. Read more

Catching Up in June

Catching up in June, it seemed everything was moving more slowly.  Maybe it was just having the time to read Christina Delsol’s Mexico Mix articles for the SF Gate about the slow food movement in the Yucatán and the discovery of chocolate starting with Moctezuma drinking “bitter water” (xocóatl) from golden goblets.  Reading Chichi Wang’s post on Serious Eats on how to make Colombian-style chicharrones, I learned they do not grow on trees in grease-stained brown paper bags but can be slow cooked in a wok then fried in their own rendered fat.  It’s not something I’d ever considered before but his step-by-step for the Nasty Bits made it seem too easy not to try.  Meanwhile, Enrique Hernandez explored Miami’s changing/never changing Cuban restaurants for the Miami Herald and Ferran Adrià announced plans for a new restaurant in Barcelona.

El Bulli

I saw the announcement that El Bulli was closing for two years beginning in 2012, but it didn’t seem real until I read this interview with Ferran Adria in the Wall Street Journal.  Not only is it true, but there are reasons.  Outside of vague if-only-but-maybe future, I had no immediate plans to attempt a reservation.  While I look forward to whatever innovations this hiatus will bring, I can’t help but regret that even if I’m lucky enough to visit future incarnations, I’d have missed an opportunity.  Not ready to give up, I visited their website and saw that while 2010 is no longer available, there’s always the final 2011 season which hasn’t even begun.  Already a remote possibility, there’s no reason to give up on the daydream months in between just yet.

Vicarious Eating

A few weeks, I listened to the Times Talks podcast from November 2008 where Eric Asimov from of the New York Times moderated a fascinating discussion between Anthony Bourdain and El Bulli’s Ferran Adrià.  While Adrià’s passion and intellect were in full display, the slide show that accompanied his evocative words was not.  While we’re used to watching people talk about and enjoy food we’re not eating, listening on my iPhone to an audience ooh and ahh over the photographs being projected that I also wasn’t seeing, was just sad.  Normally, I could let my imagination run wild, but I don’t think my imagination would be a match in this case.  That’s one reason I loved this post by the Amateur Gourmet, Adam Roberts, about his visit to El Bulli this month.  It’s exactly how I may have imagined my own meal there but in comic book format with video clips.  By far, my favorite vicarious meal this summer.