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Catching Up in June

Catching up in June, it seemed everything was moving more slowly.  Maybe it was just having the time to read Christina Delsol’s Mexico Mix articles for the SF Gate about the slow food movement in the Yucatán and the discovery of chocolate starting with Moctezuma drinking “bitter water” (xocóatl) from golden goblets.  Reading Chichi Wang’s post on Serious Eats on how to make Colombian-style chicharrones, I learned they do not grow on trees in grease-stained brown paper bags but can be slow cooked in a wok then fried in their own rendered fat.  It’s not something I’d ever considered before but his step-by-step for the Nasty Bits made it seem too easy not to try.  Meanwhile, Enrique Hernandez explored Miami’s changing/never changing Cuban restaurants for the Miami Herald and Ferran Adrià announced plans for a new restaurant in Barcelona.

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