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Press, mentions and links for Hungry Sofia:

Guest Contributor for the Cooking Channel’s Devour the Blog.

Guest Contributor for The Latin Kitchen.

Featured blogger on Food2.

Honest Cooking (February 2014): “6 Awesome Breakfasts from Around the World”.

Countlan Magazine (April 2013): “What’s Cooking?: Arroz con Leche y Agua de Rosas”. (December 2012): “Sites We Love: Hungry Sofia”. (December 2012): “Coquito French Toast” (Article and Recipe). (December 2012): “Perfect Eggnog Recipes” (Homemade Coquito). (December 2012): “The 2012 SAVEUR Cookie Advent Calendar” (Galletas de Nata).

NBC Latino (November 2012): “Three Simple Recipes for Turkey Leftovers” (Elena Ruz Sandwich).

Heritage Radio Network (September 2012 ): “Meet Your Maker with Rachel Wharton” (Cocina Latina).

New York Magazine (October 2012): “Winter Travel 2012: Bespoke Getaways” (wherein I get sent to Norway).

NYDaily News (October 2012): “El Museo Celebrates Death and Tradition” (printed issue).

Huffington Post (October 2012): “Latin American Recipes: Traditional Favorites”.

New York Times/Dining Section (September 2012): “Holding on To Heritage Before It Slips Away” by Rachel Swarns (featured).

Edible Brooklyn (Fall 2012): “Bread of the Dead” (printed issue).

Edible Manhattan (September/October 2012): “East Side Story” (printed issue).

NYDaily News (September 2012): “The Hispanic Sabor of The Essex Market” (printed issue).

NYDaily News (July 2012): “Bastille Day a la Mexicana” (printed issue).

Edible Manhattan (July/August 2012): “In the Barrio, a Flurry of Snow Cones” (printed issue).

NY1-Let’s Eat (July 2012): “Edible: Frio Frio Man Dishes Out Latin American Style Snow Cones” (television).

NYDaily News (June 2012): “El Barrio Eats!: Celebrating Boricua Pride in East Harlem” (printed issue).

Named finalist for Best Regional Cuisine Blog in Saveur Magazine’s Best Food Blog Awards: “A Sunbeam mixer started Ana Sofia’s journey back to her Cuban grandparents’ cooking, and from there to other Latin American cuisines. In her words, “Now that I’ve started pulling threads, I can’t stop.” We couldn’t be more pleased that she’s sharing her culinary expertise with us.” (May 2012): Featured blog in “5 Food Bloggers We Love”.

Edible Manhattan (March/April 2012): “Uptown, A Dominican Confection Makes Life Three Times Sweeter” and “No Passport Needed: In the Supermarket Case, Queso” (printed issue).

Latina Magazine (April 2012): “Brunchtime!: Host a Bright, Festive Easter Celebration-No Bunnies Required”: “Pelaez offers suggestion for hosting a festive Easter brunch” (printed issue).

NYDaily News (April 2012): “Chocolatier has sweet spot for DR” (printed issue).

NBC Latino (March 2012): “Latino Food Blogs We Love: Hungry Sofia”.

Cooking Channel’s All-Star Holiday Cookie Recipes (December 2011): Polvorones

Vista Magazine Holiday Issue (November 2011): “Delicias and a slice of life makes this blog a pleasure to read” (printed issue).

iVillage (September 2011): Featured blog in “Recipes from Our Favorite Latina Bloggers”.

Food Republic (March 2011): “Running with the Grains: Ditching Carbs for Latin American Super Grains”.

InStyle Magazine (Nov 2010): “223 Sites You’ll Love” (printed issue).

The Kitchn (Nov 2010): “Pan de Muerto: The Sweet Bread of the Dead”: “We love how Hungry Sofia describes the process of making this bread: “For dead bread, it was very much alive.”

Food 52 (Sept 2010): Featured blog on Reciprocity section: “It isn’t just the fascinating food genealogies or the beautiful pictures that make her site unique, it’s also her realistic approach to cooking.”

WBEZ Achy Obejas Citylife: Adventures in Urban Living (August 2010): “Brooklyn: Red Hook Mercado”.

InStyle Magazine (July 2010): “101 Reasons to Smile this Season” (printed issue).

Stay Hungry Campaign (May 2010): Food People Launch on the Cooking Channel.

Three Guys from Miami (March 2010): Food Photo of the Month.

The Daily Beast (Oct 2009): “Secrets of Dia de los Muertos”.

The Daily Beast (Sept 2009): “How Havana Perfected the Sandwich”.

Brokelyn (June 2009): “How to Shop the Mexican Grocery Aisles”


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  1. Wow! How impressive!

    23 June 2014
  2. RPaw #

    Just heard an interview with you on NPR a few days ago and had to buy your book. I’m Brazilian but grew up in Miami and only dated Cuban boys, which meant I ate a lot of delicious Cuban food. I swear I am now a little bit Cuban myself and love the food just as much as I love Brazilian food.
    Now living in San Diego I’m always trying to recreate Cuban dishes since there are no really good Cuban restaurants here. I’m excited to receive your book.

    15 June 2015
    • hungrysofia #

      Thank you and I hope you enjoy it! Keep me posted when you try something!

      19 June 2015
  3. Staff #

    We would like to contact you for an interview for, please email us at Thank you.

    9 August 2016
  4. Hi Sofia, I’d like to interview you for a report highlighting the most influential people in the food scene in South America for Stylus. Can you please email me so I can send you the information?

    24 October 2016
  5. Hi Ana Sofia, how can I reach you for a publicity/recipe permission request?

    15 June 2017
    • hungrysofia #

      Thank you for your interest! Responding via email now.

      15 June 2017

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