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Hungry on the Cooking Channel

I first read that the Food Network would be launching a second cable channel on Memorial Day in February, when summer seemed a long time away.  A few weeks later, a friend recommended me to a production company that was looking for food people to talk on camera about their interest, love, passion for food to promote the new channel.  After  years in film production, I’d been content to stay behind the camera.  If they’d asked me to “audition”, I may have backed down, but they called it a “screen test” instead.  Actors “audition” but at a “screen test” you can just be yourself (or Lana Turner).  That’s a how I find myself, a week later, getting wired for sound in a New Jersey produce market (very unlike Lana).Once chosen, I was surprisingly calm until I got the call sheet the night before.  Looking over the crew names, I suddenly realized that all of these people would be there, loaded down with equipment, ready to work, and expecting me to say something, anything.  When I got to set, I smiled nervously, filled out the paperwork, and waited for my turn, terrified.  Sooner than I liked, the time came, the first question was asked, and I started talking and talking (and talking).  Through the jitters, I’d forgotten that the topic was food, and there’s always something to say about food.

Now that the Cooking Channel is up and running, I was finally able to catch my spot (though they used my real name, I was credited as a “market lover” – still not acting since I really do love markets).  It goes by fast but I’m thrilled that they found something in my ramblings to use and happy to be part of the conversation.

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  1. you look fantastic!

    4 June 2010
  2. Yey – LOVE IT!!

    10 June 2010
  3. Catalina Llano #

    Oh I love this!!!

    16 February 2011

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