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Vicarious Eating

A few weeks, I listened to the Times Talks podcast from November 2008 where Eric Asimov from of the New York Times moderated a fascinating discussion between Anthony Bourdain and El Bulli’s Ferran Adrià.  While Adrià’s passion and intellect were in full display, the slide show that accompanied his evocative words was not.  While we’re used to watching people talk about and enjoy food we’re not eating, listening on my iPhone to an audience ooh and ahh over the photographs being projected that I also wasn’t seeing, was just sad.  Normally, I could let my imagination run wild, but I don’t think my imagination would be a match in this case.  That’s one reason I loved this post by the Amateur Gourmet, Adam Roberts, about his visit to El Bulli this month.  It’s exactly how I may have imagined my own meal there but in comic book format with video clips.  By far, my favorite vicarious meal this summer.

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