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The Cuban Table


It’s hard to believe, but my blog turns four years old today.  I usually look back in my anniversary posts, but I have some really exciting news that’s all about moving forward.  A little more than a year ago, I started working on my first book proposal in collaboration with the amazing food photographer Ellen Silverman.  Many, many, many drafts later…it was acquired by St. Martin’s Press, and, if all goes well, The Cuban Table will be published in the fall of 201

My family and friends have been incredibly supportive, but I have to thank the proposal’s fairy godmothers – Isabel, Harriet, and Meg (who I just realized have actual fairy-type names) – for seeing us through the process.  Until now, its only existed in a maybe-hopefully-someday part of my life.  Now that it’s happening, I can barely keep my heart in my chest, my head on my shoulders or my feet on the ground.  It’s hard to imagine where this will take me, but then I couldn’t have known four years ago that a post about wanting to eat my Christmas tree would have brought me here.

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  1. Congratulations! Will look forward to buying a copy.

    19 December 2012
    • hungrysofia #


      19 December 2012
  2. eeeeee!! that is soooooo exciting!!

    19 December 2012
  3. Sofia: I am so happy for you!!! Congrats!!! You deserve this and much more…Please, remind me when the book is published so I can buy one for myself (hopefully signed by you). Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year!!!

    19 December 2012
  4. Ester A. #

    Felicitaciones 🙂

    19 December 2012
  5. dany #

    That looks great! Hope I can buy it here in Canada, Congratulations!!!
    (a cubanita in cold Canada)

    19 December 2012
  6. Marité Acosta #

    If anyone is going to make Cuban food not only delicious and authentic, but beautiful too, it’s going to be you. I am really looking forward to this. congratulations!

    19 December 2012
  7. Miguel Massens #

    Looks great! Do you need a recipe tester?

    20 December 2012
  8. Pamela Fisk #

    Congratulations on the book deal Sofia! That’s wonderful news. I absolutely adore Cuban food and am lucky to live in South Florida where there are many opportunities to enjoy it. One of my favorite places (they are three locations in Broward and Palm Beach Counties) is called Padrino’s, a family run place that has the grandmother’s recipes to follow. The consistency of flavors and preparation has been wonderful since 1985 (and before that) when I first experienced their food. Of course, having lived in Puerto Rico prepared me for the joys of Cuban food, which while similar in many ways, is distinct. The main difference between the two is the use of black beans by Cubans and gandules/pigeon peas or red beans by Puerto Ricans for the basic staple of rice and beans, which are eaten virtually every day.

    20 December 2012
  9. Looking at that table I want to eat!

    20 December 2012
  10. Congratulations to you! That’s amazing! And I know your new book will be a mega-success!! ~xo! Patricia

    20 December 2012
  11. hungrysofia #

    Thank you everyone!

    20 December 2012
  12. Congratulations! this is some exciting news and a dream of many bloggers. I wish you nothing but the best. You have been a great inspiration to me and I am looking fwd to getting a copy of The Cuban Table .. 2014 cant come soon enough.

    26 December 2012
  13. I look forward to picking that up. Please tell me there’ll be a chapter on making BREAD!!! Can’t find it here in DC.

    27 December 2012
  14. Teri #

    Well as a loyal reader of Hungry Sofia and a collector of all things Cuban especially all cookbooks I already see yours on my bookshelf. A beautiful compliment I am sure to any collection of cookbooks. As always all the best.

    27 December 2012
  15. The photographs just jump off the page. So beautiful!

    28 December 2012
  16. Congratulations!! I adore the picture of the food and table setting!!…it’s so quaint and comforting!I’m looking forward to your book and would love to try some recipes.We tried to cook some portugese food recently and blogged about it at

    4 January 2013
  17. Im just reading this, somehow I missed it… congratulations! this is going to be so great, I can feel it! you’re so talented, I can’t wait to see this book at a bookstore.. am I gonna buy it? you betcha!

    2 December 2013
  18. Congratulations!

    1 July 2014

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