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The Cuban Table

Cuban Table_revised_02

I always had a hard time dropping my pencil and turning in my work as a little girl and it’s not much different now. It has been almost two years since I first posted about The Cuban Table, my collaboration with food photographer Ellen Silverman, but I could have happily kept tweaking and polishing it forever. Luckily it wasn’t up to me which is why I have this lovely cover to share, an actual ink and paper bound book on its way, and an official release date from St. Martin’s Press to look forward to this October!

Time plays games with you when you’re writing and working on The Cuban Table was no exception. There were quiet afternoons in Miami kitchens punctuated by fast-paced photo shoots. Rushes to catch planes and eternal car rides that took us to every province of Cuba. The days before deadlines were cruelly short while the hours waiting for a response were glacial.  It was all punctuated by incredible highs like seeing my copy in print for the first time, watching Ellen’s images come together under our incredible design team, and reading Maricel Presilla’s lovely foreword (which I still can’t quite believe happened). Everyone involved put their whole heart into this book and I’m so excited to see it out in the world.

I’m also thrilled to announce that The Cuban Table is now available to pre-order online.  Click here to visit The Cuban Table’s dedicated page where there will be more stories to share, people to introduce, and recipes to try in the meantime.  It may still be a few months away but it will come sooner than you think.

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  1. Miguel #

    I can hardly wait so I can’t imagine the agony you’re going through! Very happy to see this post, and happy for you!

    1 July 2014
  2. Carolina Garcia-Johnson #

    Can’t wait!!

    1 July 2014
  3. That’s great!

    1 July 2014
  4. Dany #

    Congratulations! I’m Cuban and I say thank you for keeping alive our cuisine 🙂

    1 July 2014
  5. How exciting! Congrats!

    1 July 2014
  6. Congratulations! I really enjoy your blog and I am looking forward to the book!

    2 July 2014
  7. Wow it sounds like you had a ball on this project. I love the concept of the book. And a very BIG congratulations. It’s a rewarding accomplishment.

    3 July 2014
  8. Like it

    5 July 2014
  9. Love it

    5 July 2014
  10. How exciting! Congratulations, you must be so thrilled!

    5 July 2014
  11. Reblogged this on FabiFabu and commented:
    Caribbean cuisine cooking book, by HUngry Sofia.

    8 July 2014
  12. Congratulations! That is so exciting! I can’t wait to check it out!

    17 July 2014
  13. hungrysofia #

    Thank you!

    17 July 2014
  14. Reblogged this on Conversations I Wish I Had and commented:
    yum yum yum.

    20 September 2014

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