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The Cuban Table is here!

IMG_3828I am beyond thrilled to announce that The Cuban Table: A Celebration of Food, Flavors, and History is hitting both real and virtual shelves today.  Since our wonderful editor BJ Berti let us know that the finished copies were in the warehouse and on their way a few weeks ago, I imagined receiving them – usually in over-saturated, Doris Day technicolor.  The books would run straight off an assembly line, into a box, and onto a truck that would drop them at my door.  I’d coolly but swiftly rip it open, hand out the books, and and it would be champagne all around.  So many wonderful things have come from this book in the past few weeks that I just needed the one thing that would make it real.  The anticipation was maddening and when the books didn’t come, I took to sad-eying the UPS man when he failed to deliver.  Finally, just a few hours shy of today’s release date, the books arrived and…I wasn’t there.  I came home from a (very un-Doris Day-like) cardio kickboxing class and found the box on my coffee table with a lime green NEW TITLES  sticker splashed across the top and my yorkies yapping furiously around it.  It was later than I’d expected but exactly on time.  Most importantly, it was very, very real. Read more

The Cuban Table

Cuban Table_revised_02

I always had a hard time dropping my pencil and turning in my work as a little girl and it’s not much different now. It has been almost two years since I first posted about The Cuban Table, my collaboration with food photographer Ellen Silverman, but I could have happily kept tweaking and polishing it forever. Luckily it wasn’t up to me which is why I have this lovely cover to share, an actual ink and paper bound book on its way, and an official release date from St. Martin’s Press to look forward to this October! Read more

The Cuban Table


It’s hard to believe, but my blog turns four years old today.  I usually look back in my anniversary posts, but I have some really exciting news that’s all about moving forward.  A little more than a year ago, I started working on my first book proposal in collaboration with the amazing food photographer Ellen Silverman.  Many, many, many drafts later…it was acquired by St. Martin’s Press, and, if all goes well, The Cuban Table will be published in the fall of 201

My family and friends have been incredibly supportive, but I have to thank the proposal’s fairy godmothers – Isabel, Harriet, and Meg (who I just realized have actual fairy-type names) – for seeing us through the process.  Until now, its only existed in a maybe-hopefully-someday part of my life.  Now that it’s happening, I can barely keep my heart in my chest, my head on my shoulders or my feet on the ground.  It’s hard to imagine where this will take me, but then I couldn’t have known four years ago that a post about wanting to eat my Christmas tree would have brought me here.