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Licor de Mel

It might be a contact high from the first day of school, but I’ve been jittery the last couple of days. Operating under the delusion that summer was endless, I have a vague recollection of saying yes to a series of events and dates in September. With Labor Day come and gone, I’m anxiously waiting for the inevitable overbook or forgotten deadline. Though I’m ready to get back to work (somewhat), I’ll miss the steady stream of summer holidays when you’re never too far from your next firework display.I was buying sunflowers this past weekend and nervously shooing away the put-upon bees with prior claims when I remembered the honey, cachaça, and emptied French lemonade bottles I’d set aside to try Brazilian chef Leticia Moreinos Schwartz‘s licor de mel recipe. Beyond simple, you simmer down honey and water to make a light syrup spiced with cinnamon then blend it with cachaça and store it in tightly sealed glass jars to give the flavors time to develop. When things settle down again, I’ll come up with an excuse to have friends over to try it. With the busy season ruthlessly approaching, it’ll be nice to something to look forward to.

For this and Leticia’s other amazing recipes click here.

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