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I noticed that I’ve been dessert heavy lately when even my WiiFit avatar plumped up a little.  I wanted to make something light to get through a heavy week and found this recipe for quinoa pilaf on Yanuq, my favorite Peruvian food site.  Each time I go to it, I find something familiar and healthy but with a twist that I can’t wait to try.  The pilaf, a mix of vegetables and quinoa boiled in chicken broth, is a combination of the all the foods to have when you need to feel virtuous but satisfied.  The more I look at Peruvian food, the more surprised I am that there’s not a Peruvian restaurant on every corner.  This may not be the case for very long.  In a recent article, Peru’s Plans for Global (Foodie) Conquest, Lucien Chauvin quotes chef Gastón Acurio:

“We are living the same kind of moment Japan did decades ago, inventing a market where one does not exist,” says Acurio. The world is a different place from the one in which Benihana first branched out of Japan and opened in the U.S. — in New York — in 1964. Tastes have become more global and transportation allows fresh produce to move from a farm in Peru to a restaurant kitchen in Europe or the U.S. in less than 24 hours, making it easy to start — and sustain — a trend.

I hope this is true because I can’t bear to see my avatar so disappointed.

Click here for Spanish and English versions of the recipe.

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