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A Comer Pasteles

IMG_9042For years, I’ve heard about the Puerto Rican families gathering in the kitchen during their endless Christmas season to make pasteles and felt a little jealous.  Researching and writing about them for Devour felt like a lonely way to go about making what should be a communal recipe.  To fill the kitchen, I consulted my cousins and aunt for the traditions surrounding Puerto Rican Christmas, my friend Carmen Rivera whose husband insisted raisins should only be optional, and my market friend Arelys Ocasio who suggested I throw in plantains to the usual blend of guineos and yautia.  Jump to Devour to read more.


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  1. houseofzella #

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    24 December 2013
  2. Love the recipe. I just made these and will soon be posting on them. The differences are very interesting, I use my grandmother’s recipe and I’ve added orange juice to the filling before but have never seen raisins or garbanzo beans in anything that came out of her kitchen LET ALONE in her sofrito…Thanks for a different take on one of my favorites. My mind is officially blown.

    4 April 2014
    • hungrysofia #

      I’ve seen the garbanzos in a few places but the raisins are always controversial 🙂 I made them optional to please my friends husband who advised me on the recipe!

      4 April 2014
  3. Gaby #

    hi Ana! I saw your story on food network about tamales and decided to make them tonight! You’re recipe was so fresh and quick, I found other ones online that could take 2-3 days to make so I was really happy to be eating these in under 2 hours 🙂 Just wanted to let you know how delicious they were

    5 May 2016
    • hungrysofia #

      Thanks for letting me know and so happy that it worked out!

      6 May 2016

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