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Hungry for Frio-Frios

A few weeks ago, I set out to find shaved ice vendors on the Lower East Side for Edible Manhattan.  Not only was it early spring, but it felt like years since I’d come across the kind of traditional, wooden slat push cart I was hoping to find.  When I did set out to look for them one Saturday, it was the kind of  hot where the pavement trembles in front of you, so it was a very real relief when I met Andres Fabré on the corner of Clinton & Essex.  Last week I filmed this Edible segment for NY1 with Rachel Wharton of Edible Manhattan featuring Andres – all the assurance I needed that it was more than a mirage.

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  1. Grace de la Aguilera #


    3 August 2012
  2. I miss frio-frios. I might buy a small ice-shaving thingamaboob and make them at home.

    28 August 2012
  3. Letty #

    I’m Cuban Mexican born in Miami and married to a Dominican, so I have a good range of Hispanic food to play with. I love the frio-frios that we get in Sto. Dom. They are the best treat to have on a hot day.

    19 September 2012
    • hungrysofia #

      And possibly the best name for them too!

      19 September 2012

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