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Introducing La Filosofia

We’d been expecting her for a long time but were still a little surprised when she finally showed up at our door – a little black peacock named La Filosofia. Months before, my sister Carmen and I were looking for a project we could develop together. I wanted it to be kitchen related since I live in there, and my sister thought of an apron with a laminated pattern just at the splash spot, where the torso meets the counter.  Practical yes, but when we found a collection of canvas in woodland prints, we knew they could be lovely to look at too.

We decided to name our new online venture La Filosofia after our great grandfather’s department store in Havana. Established in 1870 on the corner of Neptune & San Nicolás, the original La Filosofia was known for its textiles, international clientele, and warm staff that stocked something for every woman who came through its doors. We want everyone who clicks through to have that same feeling. Looking for a logo, my sister drew up a peacock and we immediately knew who we were waiting for.

Of course, we wouldn’t have gotten much further without the help of our mom Ali (the not always silent partner) and friends who were beyond generous with their time – Dave who did the lawyering, Cara who helped us build a prototype, and Kat and Aaron who each gave up a beautiful early Spring day to help us taks photograph for the site.  The ever supportive Darren of Donna Belle’s Bakeshop put us in touch with a The Work Room, a Brooklyn based production company. There, Chase and Lisa saw us through every aspect of the process, fulfilled every seemingly impossible request, and answered nervous emails with unwavering patience and enthusiasm. Once the materials were sourced and a stateside manufacturer found, we just had to wait for our bird to arrive, bringing lots and lots of aprons with her.

Used to working on my own, for the first time I had a partner (sometime guest blogger and all-time sister) with whom to choose patterns, test out eco-twills, sort out copy, and design the website .  Fortunately, in addition to our quick tempers and fierce stubborness, my sister and I have a shared sensibility.  Even when we couldn’t agree on how to get somewhere, we never doubted where we were going. We very much hope you’ll want to come with us. Here’s La Filosofia – we hope there’s something for everyone.

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  1. La Oreja D VanGogh #

    Congratulations on your new endeavors. The name its divine. I feel like an apron is something that bring us closer and friends because were are using it when making something delicious for them. I feel like it means togetherness. My uncle (now deceased ) used to wear one everytime there was a bbq, a family gathering or when he was making something delicious. So La filosofia behind your aprons i feel like it is family whether they may be those we are born to it or the ones we make our family.

    7 March 2012
    • hungrysofia #

      Thank you so much! That’s very much what we hope to inspire!

      7 March 2012
  2. #

    Funny I see this because after business cards ( all I’ve wanted was to buy an apron! I’ve been almost craving one (never knew I could crave anything but food, guess it’s close enough perhaps).

    I will most definitely be buying one of your aprons the second I’m back in the states!! I wish you the BEST of luck with all this, it all looks so fabulous!

    8 March 2012
    • hungrysofia #

      Thank you!

      8 March 2012
  3. Felicidades Ana Sofía, se ven preciosos! Can’t wait to wear one!:D

    12 March 2012
  4. hungrysofia #


    12 March 2012

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