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Catching Up in November

If you’ve followed me the last couple of weeks than you probably understand why its taken me till December to catch up to November. Together with the Thanksgiving/Christmas onslaught and some remodeling I’ve been doing on my site, I’m starting to feel like a snow-globe post-shake, unsure of how it’s all going to settle. Now that I’ve moved my site into a new space, I look forward to decorating, so there will be more changes to come. Sadly because I miss it, I haven’t spent too much time in the kitchen recently.  Jamaica was so inspiring that I’ve taken a few posts (with one more to go) to unpack it all. After one incredible trip to the Caribbean, I was back in NYC just a day then up in the air again and on my way to the Dominican Republic – so there will be a few more travel posts to follow.  Most of my travel plans are over until after the holidays, but if you’re going somewhere soon, you might want to consult the Serious Eats guide to Airport Food that Doesn’t Suck. If your waiting in line, you might also want to flip through the new online food magazine FoodieCrush. For more reading or if you’re just looking for gift ideas before making desperate rush order purchases on Amazon 2 days before too late, Serious Eats published they’re best cookbooks of the year list though I’m partial to the New York Times list since it includes Claudia Roden’s Food of Spain and Ricardo Santibanez’s Truly Mexican. In a very different vein, my friend artist Romeo Alaeff published his collection of drawings, I’ll Be Dead by the Time You Read This: The Existential Life of Animals – foxes looking for movie love, giraffes in denial, rams with low self-esteem.  A collection of overheard sentiments coming from beings who know better, they’ve been stickered all over the world before coming together for a book. I’ve lived with his murderous hen in my kitchen for years. Everyone knows, or should know someone,  who will love them.

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  1. Hey. Thanks! A bajilion!

    6 December 2011

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