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Curious About Cilantro

I’ve never had a problem with cilantro but I’m always surprised by how many do.  Harold McGee’s Cilantro Haters, It’s Not Your Fault, from this week’s New York Times Dining & Wine section, seems to have hit a Facebook nerve because I’ve seen it re-posted and commented on all week.  Personally, I actually like the soapy taste that some complain about and enjoy it both on my plate and in my shampoo.

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  1. babyblizz #

    Cilantro goes with everything. I love it!

    19 April 2010
  2. Patri #

    I have heard the aversion is genetic… I personally love it!
    the more the better…
    With fish its a perfect pair as it helps your body detox Mercury!

    21 April 2010
    • hungrysofia #

      Good to know!

      22 April 2010
  3. Agree with Patri, the aversion to it is genetic, some peoples taste receptors interpret it differently, but in general most people don’t find it appalling.

    22 April 2010
  4. I love it too, but it is a very polarizing condiment. I had a bunch in my refrigerator last week and made salsa and guacamole. Yum!

    22 April 2010
    • hungrysofia #

      People definitely take seem to take it personally!

      22 April 2010
  5. I have seen many people complaining about cilantro tasting soapy…funny I’ve been eating all my life never got the taste of soap in my mouth..haha


    30 April 2010
  6. Annui #

    People in the U.S. have hated garlic for decades. Minimizing its use to only 1 clove (which imparts absolutely no flavor!!) per recipe. Garlic eaters (like Italians) were looked upon unfavorably. Emeril Lagasse while he was live on Food Network cooked with garlic almost every show. He would also throw into his dishes no less than 16 CLOVES per recipe. He had a following of 80 million viewers. Ergo, people follow trends if garlic is good today there is NO reason why it shouldn’t have been gopod yesterday. People as in “the herd” (even if they are highly schooled) follow trends and not their individualistic perceptions and tastes. Cilantro is absolutely delicious if combined with the right ingredients. In Europe the potato was considered disgusting prior to the 1700s. And the French fry is king today.

    3 May 2010

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