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Oh Fig!

A friend coined the term produce shopaholic on her blog, Mindy’s Recipe for Disaster.  If I’d read her post earlier, I may have recognized the symptoms before I went on a why-not-bender at the Park Slope Food Co-op yesterday.  Though I love figs, I rarely buy fresh ones.  I have plans for tarts and compotes, but the slightest delay and they’re past all use.  Still, I couldn’t resist when I found organic Calimyrna figs.  I reasoned that the green ones would at least give me a head start, and they were so cute and plump I had to take them home.  A quick search online and through my books gave me a couple of ideas.  I had some this morning drizzled with peppered honey and Spanish goat cheese with sweet olive oil crackers.  It was sweet, spicy, flowery and creamy all at the same time.  The recipe from Bon Appétit could not be easier, so there is no reason to put off using them straight away.  I also found an interesting recipe for fig compote with red wine and spices among the formidable 1080 Recipes, one of my favorite cookbooks/step stools that I’ll try next.  Now that I’m hooked, I’ll need more figs.

For the complete Fresh Figs with Goat Cheese and Peppered Honey recipe click here.

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  1. Now I want to know where you get your:
    peppered honey and
    Spanish goat cheese and
    sweet olive oil crackers.

    Sounds like a great combo.

    24 September 2009
    • hungrysofia #

      I’ve added the link to the peppered honey recipe above -it’s very simple. I’ve been buying Little Friar Goat Cheese from the Park Slop Coop. It’s a little sweeter. I know that Despana definitely carries it but I’ve been seeing it in larger grocery stores also. Likewise, I used go to Stinky’s or Chop Chop for the sweet olive oil crackers but they’re widely carried now. Before it was only Ines Rosales, but lately I’ve other brands have been popping up.

      24 September 2009

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