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Getting Warmer

I made yet another attempt at producing Cuban pan de agua this morning with mixed results.  If my last loaf went French, this one stopped by Italy came out a pan de ciabatta or ciabatta de agua. The barely there crust of Cuban bread still eludes me but the slightly sweet flavor and airy texture were much closer.  When it rised up perfectly and plumped in the oven, I thought I finally had it but it wasn’t to be.  Nevertheless, I am getting warmer and will be diving into the flour bag again.  It’s hard to tell where my Cuban bread will go next.  Greece? Morocco?  Spain?  I’ll find out soon enough.

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  1. M.G. #

    I have a great Pan De Agua recipe on my blog! You should go check it out. Super easy and really good lol.

    1 November 2010
    • hungrysofia #

      It’s definitely time to try again!

      1 November 2010

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