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Chayote Monday

While I always feel a little sad to see the weekend slip away, I like the hard reset of Mondays.  With new resolutions in place and wanting to have more vegetables, I tried chayotes for the first time.  A cross between a squash, cucumber and melon that are available year round, I’d see them in the grocery store but never thought to try them.  Consulting Diana Kennedy’s The Art of Mexican Cooking, I julienned and sauteed them with Serrano peppers in safflower oil and cooked them covered till they were al dente, then added a little cilantro and sea alt to taste.  An easy preparation for a fresh start.

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  1. I’m intrigued. What do you recommend to eat with this??

    4 August 2009
  2. hungrysofia #

    I had salmon cooked on one side with lemon, salt and pepper then a little olive oil and it went really well. Chayotes can also be baked au gratin or stuffed so Ill be trying that next.

    4 August 2009
  3. marta #

    I love vegetables, but I never thought in trying one as strange as this one…!!!!
    Is call Romanescu….It’s so pretty, prefect and strange that is like eating art…

    And taste delicius….
    It’s like a coliflower, but more soft…
    Just boiled, with salt, and a little bit of fry garlic… great….

    6 August 2009
  4. hungrysofia #

    I have to try that as soon as I find one – love fruits and vegetables that look like little aliens. I was in Chinatown the other day and saw pitayas or dragon fruit everywhere (though one place called it devil’s fruit):

    Something else to try…

    6 August 2009

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