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Found Objects

I came across a small Kiosk installation for the first time at the Brooklyn Flea.  They had cans of Jupina soda, Ricos meringues, bricks of espresso,  La Cubanita guava paste, and orange gum balls exhibited together like a Cuban survivalist kit left under the Manhattan bridge.  Asked to pick a handful of time capsule objects to explain Miami’s Little Havana circa 1985, I might choose the same ones (just adding a bottle of Royal Violets baby cologne for good measure).

Kiosk stocks their Soho store with products like these, found on their travels to everywhere from Mexico to Hong Kong.  Their Miami selection is part of American Installment Number Two, featuring the American South.  Choosing every day items with interesting design elements that can be easily overlooked, they’re sourced from independent producers then sold for a limited time.  Displayed with brief descriptions of what they found and where they found it, each object brings the people and places they visited into clearer focus.  Having grown up with these things, I know why I love them – the little woman on the guava box looks so happy.  It’s nice to know that other people can see it too.

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  1. This store is my fave. Bought a lamp shade there a couple months ago.

    30 June 2009

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