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Posts tagged ‘DUMBO’

Found Objects

I came across a small Kiosk installation for the first time at the Brooklyn Flea.  They had cans of Jupina soda, Ricos meringues, bricks of espresso,  La Cubanita guava paste, and orange gum balls exhibited together like a Cuban survivalist kit left under the Manhattan bridge.  Asked to pick a handful of time capsule objects to explain Miami’s Little Havana circa 1985, I might choose the same ones (just adding a bottle of Royal Violets baby cologne for good measure). Read more

Chili Days Ahead

Just past perfect city views and standbys like Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, and The River Café, there’s a short stretch of DUMBO’s Water Street that’s been in a state high design disreapair for years.  Covered with blueprints for future city parks, it’s easy to ignore the scaffolding and power generators on either side the street and think about the coming soon instead. Jane’s Carousel, also on Water Street, has behind glass all winter, so I loved seeing it’s doors open this afternoon.  Next door to the new Jacques Torres ice cream stand, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a scoop of Wicked, the ancho and chipotle spiced, Mayan inspired hot chocolate  that’s become my favorite ice cream flavor. I love the hot and cold creaminess and now that the Brooklyn Flea has reopened in an empty lot down the street, I’ll be going again and again this summer.  To take a break from the heat outside to finish my cone, I can always read how the carousel will eventually move to it’s permanent home in Brooklyn Bridge Park, some time in the “near future.” Read more

Lucky Red Cakes

Last night Powerhouse Arena in DUMBO hosted a party for Jennifer 8. Lee’s The Fortune Cookie Chronicles.  It was a great event with Chinese ice cream, Thai beer, and lucky cakes from the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.  Lee showed footage from her research into the true origins of General Tso’s chicken, chop suey and fortune cookies among others.  It’s a great story about cultural adaptation and reminds us all that immigrants who speak with accents don’t necessarily think with them.