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Posts tagged ‘Plantains’

Mariquitas de Platános

Feeling restless, I decided to make a batch of mariquitas.  Not the hard, round plantain chips sold in grocery stores, but the ribbon like crisps served with garlic mojo for dipping.  Though simple enough to make at home, I could only remember having them in family style Cuban restaurants, where they’d appear ready to eat in baskets.  The starter no one remembers ordering but everyone is happy to see. Read more

Tostones on the Fly

Until recently, I rarely fried anything at home.  I hated the smell, the splatter, the guilt.  When I started writing about Latin American food, I knew I couldn’t avoid it much longer and finally bought a deep fryer.  While it produces perfect batches of churros, empanadas and buñuelos, it’s the SUV of fryers requiring such a massive amount of oil that I keep it parked most of the time.  It wasn’t practical for smaller, any-night batches of plantains.  Maduros I can handle.  Overly ripe, they caramelize Read more


I love the idea of quimbombó, especially the name.  Not okra but Kee-Bom-Bo.  A quick Google search brings up as many music sites as recipes.  If Cuban food were music, quimbombó would be the chorus.  Brought to Cuba by African slaves in the seventeenth century, it’s stewed with chorizo or pork then blended with mashed plantains and served over rice.  Still recovering from the holidays, I found a recipe using chicken Read more

Cuban Potatoes

I should confess that when I admitted to my host family, during my year abroad in Madrid, that one of my favorite dishes from home was tortilla de plátanos maduros (fried ripe plantain omelette), I thought they might ask me to leave…the country.  I don’t think they would have been so shocked if they knew that for Cubans, plantains are as ubiquitous as the potatoes they put in their own tortilla de patatas. Read more