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Posts tagged ‘New Year’s Eve’

Waiting It Out

Waiting out the rest of the year, the last week of December feels something like the end of a great night. The pressures of bringing together family and friends are over and you have a few extra days before the New Year to make plans, go to stores or avoid them, see friends, see movies, or just drift a little. After hosting my first complete Noche Buena this year, I was ready to drift. There was little food left but tons of chocolate – in the drawers, in the cabinets, on my mind. I decided to do something. Read more

A Blank Slate

I took it as a good omen when I woke up on New Year’s Eve to snow falling.  A blank slate arriving just in time.  I hadn’t thought about it too much until a couple of weeks ago when I realized I’d been holding my breath for much of the last ten years.  As decades go, it’s been a twister.  Having spent the last year cooking, writing and building this site, I feel like I’ve finally found a place to land, due in no small part to friends comments, ideas and support.  Before racing forward to another decade, I wanted thank you all for reading and wish everyone a happy and healthy new year!  Salud, dinero, y amor…y tiempo para disfrutarlos!

Figure Eights

There’s always a point when I finish a post and choose a country category that feels a little dishonest.  Well not so much dishonest but not the whole elephant either.  When I decided to write about Latin food, I knew that it would be a fuzzy focus and difficult to define.  Buñuelos, fritters popular throughout Spain and Latin America, are a good example.  Originally from the Iberian penninsula, they’re either Arabic or Sephardic, or maybe both.  Typically made from a wheat-based dough that’s flavored with anise, they’re rolled into balls or discs and deep fried then topped with a syrup or honey. Read more