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Estrellas de Chocolate

I’ve become deeply suspicious of Cuban cookies.  It’s not really the cookie’s fault.  They’re just not what we do.  Growing up, home baked cookies weren’t foreign but they did have the exoticism of something you’d mostly like get at a friend’s house.  Tres leches, meringues, tocino del cielo, flan were home, toll house was not.  The last couple of months, I’ve tried a few forgettable variations. I follow the recipes to the letter but cusubes elude me and my caballitos de queque were cinnamon drenched failures.  This being the cookie season, I looked though all my Cuban sources for a new recipe that was traditional but workable.  Many called for Crisco with 1950’s abandon while others were really turrones (blended with more Crisco). Read more

Ñoquis del 29

A few weeks ago, I read about Argentina’s ñoquis del 29, the day of the month to prepare and eat gnocchi and wanted to try it.  Unfortunately, I would invariably remember this on the 30th of each month.  I was determined not to forget this time and with all the fall vegetables weighing down the markets, I was looking for something in a pumpkin-squash-sweet potato to start a new monthly tradition.  I found a recipe for sweet potato gnocchi in October’s Gourmet (still can’t believe it’s gone) issue that was exactly what I wanted.  I’d only made gnocchi once before and while they were okay, I had that nagging feeling when you first try a recipe that you just didn’t do it right.  To avoid this, I read the recipe a few times, cross referenced similar ones for tips and techniques, gathered up the few necessary ingredients and got ready to make a mess. Read more

Fantasy Island

I’ve always known that if stranded on a desert island and forced to choose only one dish to eat for the rest of my life, it would be arroz con pollo.  I understand that this is ridiculous.  Obviously, with the plethora of fresh seafood available on a desert island, paella makes more sense.  Nevertheless, the scenario itself is unlikely, so I allow myself to imagine an arroz con pollo eternity.  With beer instead of wine, more chicken and less rice, a little burnt on the bottom, it’s always the perfect one-pot Cuban comfort meal.  My choice is made.  What would your desert island dish be? Read more

Gourmet Break

I was as shocked as everyone else when I read this morning that Condé Nast was closing Gourmet magazine.  Well, possibly a little more shocked.  Even though I read the rumors on different sites, I thought the magazine could struggle on in some form till better days.  Unlike other embattled titles in the internet age, I felt a a real attachment to my Gourmet magazines.  Despite the growing piles, I couldn’t bring myself to throw them out.  A few weeks ago, in an Ikea-inspired organizational fit, I brought home magazine folders and finally stored them away.  It was obvious the magazine had gone on a reluctant diet.  Lined up on my bookshelves, you could literally see it disappear as their ad sales dwindled.  A few weeks ago, I came across an old issue in a thrift store from January 1961.  It was their twentieth anniversary edition and included an article about champagne, quotes from Voltaire, a recipe for peacock, and Bach themed feature on preparing chicken breast in between vintage ads.  Of course, I could find most of Gourmet’s old recipes online, but only if I already know what I’m looking for, and then they’ll all look the same.  I thought this quote from the publisher, taken from the inaugural issue and reprinted in 1961, prescient:

To those who would like to share a gourmet’s joie de vivre, GOURMET will speak that Esperanto of the palate that makes the whole world kin…good food, good drink, fine living…the universal language of the gourmet.

-Earle R. MacAusland, Publisher, Gourmet Magazine, 1941

Zucchini-Blossom Quesadillas

If I seem preoccupied with eating flowers lately, it’s because the farmer’s markets are only just getting into their too beautiful weeks now.  This Sunday I found the zucchini blossoms I’d been waiting for since April to try this recipe for Zucchini-Blossom Quesadillas again.

I’d made them for the first time last year with store bought tortillas.  I loved the filling but wanted to make them with the uncooked dough called for in the recipe.  I made this batch with masa harina, fresh masa that has been dried so that you only add water to form the tortillas.  I used this tutorial by Chef Iliana de la Vega who explains Read more