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Posts tagged ‘Cinco de Mayo’

Catching Up in May

I think I’ve put off writing my catching-up post because well…I’m no where near caught up.  Several ongoing projects came to a boil all l at once and I’m still waiting for things to settle down again.  Now that I realize it might never happen, I decided to take a break and go fishing (through my links)…

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Is Cinco de Mayo the Mexican Chanukah?

I must admit that when my uncle told me that Cinco de Mayo was just an excuse for Corona to sell more beer, I thought he was kidding until I found this editorial in the New York Times.  Apparently it’s a minor regional holiday hardly observed in Mexico outside of Puebla, which celebrates the defeat of the French army there in 1862.  Still, it does offer an all too brief day of recognition for Mexicans remaking their lives north of the border.  Besides, as the article points out, what holiday isn’t tainted by commerce?  I’m sure even ancient pagans would have harsh words about what Nestle’s done to the Easter Bunny. Read more