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Posts from the ‘Ice Creams & Sorbets’ Category

A Sweet Finish to the Weekend

I have a very dysfunctional relationship with my KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker attachment.  I’ve tried a million recipes but the results have been inconsistent.  It will give me my dreamed of  ice cream for a few hours after it’s just made, but it develops an icy, fuzzy, rock hard taste by the next day.  It’s the memories of my few successes that keep me going (there was a green tea ice cream once and a yogurt sorbet that were just right…).  That’s why I like Mariana Crespo’s recipe for dulce de leche ice cream so much.  It’s straightforward and simple and it gives you a creamy, decadent result every time, that you can take into the week with you.

Shortbread Saints

I promised myself that it wouldn’t escalate.  An after-work dinner with a friend in a nearby restaurant became dinner with friends plural at my house.  I know it’s a mistake to try new things on guests. By the time people arrive, I’m too tense/excited/tired depending on how it went that I can’t enjoy myself.  But who can resist a captive audience? Read more