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A Moment We All Needed

I don’t usually address national news on this site.  It’s not that kind of forum, and I’d never want to trivialize a serious event.  On Thursday night, I was writing about the busyness before the holidays to post the next day.  Of course, for me, like many of you, the clock stopped on Friday morning when I heard about the tragic events in Newton, Connecticut.  Starting up again has been harder than I imagined, and impossible without acknowledging what we’re all feeling – heart broken.  In these situations, you’re never quite sure where relief will come from, but I thought the opening of Saturday Night Live, broadcast last night, was lovely and worth sharing.  If you’re looking for ways to help the victims of Sandy Hook, please click here for more information.

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  1. Sofia, desculpe-me escrever em Português.
    Estamos todos muito tristes com o ocorrido e rezamos para que isto nunca mais aconteça.
    Que todos tenhamos Paz.
    Que Deus proteja a todos!
    Grande abraço.

    17 December 2012

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