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Catching Up in September

Most people referred to last weekend as the “official” end of summer.  I did too though I talked myself into believing it was just the beginning of the inevitable fade-out, and there would still be a few more weeks of bursting markets and warm days.  That’s why it was a shock when I woke up on Monday to a complete costume change – outside it was still hot and humid but skies were grey and the leaves were orange.

Looking over the sites I’ve been collecting the last few weeks, there was also a mix.  I loved Food 52’s history of ice cream but made a note of Food Republic’s fig breakdown in time for fall so I’d know what to look out for.  I’m considering making the coconut and mango rice pops my cousin Lucy sent me but I can’t wait to try these hot chocolate and churros.  There are still plenty of fresh herbs but I’m starting to think of way I can store them for the chilly days ahead.  There are great ideas in  kitch’n guide to storage but this one for freezing herbs in oil is my favorite.  If you’re deciding which to freeze, this breakdown for herbs used in Dominican cooking is a start.  For new inspiration, there is Eater’s round up of fall cookbooks and Food & Wine’s cookbook ratings by cooks.

If you’re not quite ready to get back to work, home, or school, this Paris in Motion video by Mayuel Akpovi for LeMonde (via Chocolate & Zucchini) is great for day dreaming.  When it comes to travel (literal or otherwise), even food can be lost in translation – here’s an illustrated guide to international food speak wherever you might find yourself.

Finally, there’s this site of translucent ants I love for reasons I can’t quite explain.  Happy Fall!

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