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Hungry for Travel

For a magazine whose locavore roots go deep, Edible Manhattan gets around in their Fall travel issue.  Rachel Wharton heads to Dublin to chat with Manhattan chef Patti Jackson during her “Exile in the Emerald Isle” .  Thankfully, a recipe for the Irish brown soda bread they sampled – “sweet, dense, nourishing, heavy; the middle moist; the outside cracked and craggy” – is included so I’ll be taking my own virtual trip this weekend.  In a “A Locavore in Barbados”, Karen Karp gives a fish market-shark oil stall-maubey bark-Blackbelly sheep view of Barbados that will keep you dreaming until you can see it for yourself.  Traveling in time as well as space, they even get in a quick trip to Prohibition-era Havana which was proudly not dry.

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Sea Scallops with a Malanga Crust

Every four years, my extended family gets together in South Carolina for a week long reunion.  Synced to both the presidential election (something to argue about) and the summer Olympics (something to look forward to), we always know when it’s coming.  This time I carved out a few extra days to visit nearby Savannah – a city I’ve had a crush on for a very long time. Read more

Catching Up in September

Most people referred to last weekend as the “official” end of summer.  I did too though I talked myself into believing it was just the beginning of the inevitable fade-out, and there would still be a few more weeks of bursting markets and warm days.  That’s why it was a shock when I woke up on Monday to a complete costume change – outside it was still hot and humid but skies were grey and the leaves were orange. Read more