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Croqueta Springa

This spring, I spent a few days working on a how-to-make croquetas for the Cooking Channel’s  Devour the Blog.  What was supposed to be a fast and easy solution for leftovers, became an ongoing project as I tried a few different variations and even planned an entire brunch around it for friends (hereto known as croquetaspringa).  Now that the post is up, I have a daily reminder when I open my freezer and batches of frozen croquetas launch out at me like so many breaded torpedoes.  Before we head into summer, I thought I’d link up and take one look back at a spring well spent.  Click here for the recipe and final post.

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  1. I have never made croquetes before. They sound delish!

    24 May 2012
  2. I love croquetes! This sounds heavenly…Kudos!

    25 May 2012
  3. They look like perfect little bites of fried deliciousness!

    3 June 2012

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