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Catching Up and Getting it Right in December

After 364 days of playing catch-up, there is still a list of things I’d like to accomplish before 2011 escapes me. Though I won’t give up until the last grape is eaten tomorrow at midnight, at this point, I may have to consider, the somewhat likely possiblity, that there’s a chance, that I might not get it all in. Maybe. If that does happen, at least I’ll have a brand new year with a whole extra day to get it right.

Not to knock 2011, but it was a difficult year for many of us. As challenging as these economic times are for individuals just getting by, it can be devastating to non-profits that depend on all of us to have just a little extra to give. With the end of the tax year fast approaching, I thought it was a good time to highlight some of the organizations whose work has inspired me in the past for those who don’t want to wait till next year to get it right, or at the very least, need one more tax deduction…

I first learned about Pro Mujer through my friend Josh who works for the organization. An economic development group focued primarily in Latin America, they provide microfinancing and training to women living in difficult circumstances with few resources. Whenever Josh gets back from a trip, it’s always exciting not only to hear about where he’s gone or what he’s seen, but what they’ve helped other people accomplish.

Heifer International provides millions of  families in 128 countries with not only the immediate relief from hunger but the means and resources to improve their lives and enrich their communities. When you’d like to make a last-minute gift that isn’t thoughtless, there’s no better way than to send someone a flock of baby chicks or share in a llama in their name.

I have two yorkies, two spoiled, ankle biting yorkies. I can’t blame them since I’m largely responsible. Whatever I can give them, pales in comparison to the unconditional puppy love I get in return so it’s hard for me to read about the inhumane, unconscionable way some animals are treated. When I come across a particularly awful story, it’s always a comfort to follow the work done by the ASPCA and know that animals have their advocates too though they need our help and support.

The past couple of years, I’ve been involved with Raices de Esperanza, a group dedicated to empowering Cuban youth both on and off the island with programs such as CELLS 4 CUBA and their Family Reunification Program. Running for Roots, our latest project started in mid-October, will hopefuly takes us straight through to the finish line at the Miami ING Half Marathon, a run we’ve dedicated to Laura Pollan. I’ve been raising money through my page on Crowdrise, itself an incredible organization that creates a space for people to fundraise for the issues and groups that matter most to them.

I hope you all have a happy and safe New Year!

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  1. What a lovely post to end the year. I’m a big fan of the ASPCA and will check out the other links you listed. Happy 2012!

    2 January 2012
  2. carmenpelaez #

    this is awesome. It always is better to give than to receive. Great idea!

    5 January 2012
  3. carmenpelaez #

    This is awesome! It always is better to give than to receive!

    5 January 2012

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