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Summer Streets Break

I realized today that it was August, not that it was much of a secret.  I had a hint of it last week when I went to the farmer’s market to stock up on fruit and there were no peaches anywhere.  I’m sure there will be plenty in the weeks to come, but it was the first sign that end of summer was in sight.  Summer Streets, the three days in August where the city closes Park Avenue to cars and opens it to just about everything else has become my end of summer consolation. From the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park, there’s running, biking, picnics, dancing, tennis, music and – new this year – dumpster swimming pools (looks like fun but I just can’t).  I’m always amazed at how different the city looks from the one place you’re always told never to be – the middle of the street.

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  1. ali #

    sounds like lots of fun!!!!

    16 August 2010

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