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Not So Hungry

While I try to keep to my posting schedule, I haven’t been sure of how to write about not eating.  This past Thursday, I was asked to participate in a day of fasting in support of Las Damas de Blanco.  I became aware of them a few years ago when I read Mariane Pearl’s Global Diary: Cuba for Glamour.  A diverse group of Cuban women, they were brought together by the arrest and imprisonment of their husbands, sons and brothers during a government crackdown of over 75 political dissidents known as Black Spring.  Since that time, they march every Sunday, dressed in white, through the streets of Havana to peacefully protest the continued imprisonment of their loved ones.  In this light, a twelve hour fast was no great sacrifice.  Completed by 8:00 PM, I experienced more heart pangs than real hunger, just a heightened awareness of women I admire.  Though it’s not unusual for me to miss a post and pick up where I left off, that would have made it seem as though March 18th was any other day, and it wasn’t.

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