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Catching Up in January

I took advantage of a rainy Sunday to catch up on some reading though, instead of newspaper stacks, I had  bookmarked pages and Google alerts filling up my inbox.  For the New York Times, Jonathan Miles visited Roneria Caracas, a new Brooklyn bar specializing in rum drinks, in The Choices? Rum or Rum and doesn’t miss the whisky while Paola Singer went to western Spain to sample the Dom Pérignon of Iberian ham for In Spain, A Delicacy Rooted in Earth and Tradition. Meanwhile, Patricia Jinich compares Argentine, Colombian, Honduran and Salvadorean chorizo to the Mexican varieties she grew up with in More Chorizo to Love for the Washington Post and there’s a new store and cafe specializing in gourmet Argentinian and Chilean products, Kouzine Delicacies and Wines, open in Miami that I can’t wait to visit.  I love rain delays.

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  1. These sound like great reads. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    18 January 2010

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