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Art Break

The first year I moved to New York the central medians along Park Avenue were lined with enormous bronze statues by Fernando Botero.  Not really knowing a Park Avenue without them, I thought the full bodied sculptures had always been there and always would be.  It turned out to be a temporary installation sponsored by the Public Art Fund, and they were gone after a couple months.  Park Avenue has always seemed empty without them.  Today, my mother and I were running to meet my sister when we came across this Botero in a walkway along 57th Street.  I don’t know how much longer it will be there, but it’s wonderful to come across his public installations unexpectedly and know his figures are still roaming the City.

Fernando Botero, Rape of Europa, 2007

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  1. stevenshawnyc #

    Walked past the other day and all the tourists were having their children pose for photos under the sculpture. It also happens to be right out front of Nobu 57.

    30 May 2009
  2. cami #

    Park avenue will never be the same.

    31 May 2009

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