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A Rosey Future

When my cousin Marta, who lives in Spain, asked if I’d tried the Thermomix, a “kitchen robot” she’d received as a gift that did “almost everything”, I thought she was referring to a souped up crock pot I might look at the next time I was in a Williams-Sonoma or wishlisting on Amazon.  My curiosity was piqued when I came across this article in the Wall Street Journal, “Snaring the Elusive Thermomix” by Raymond Sokolov.  Learning that it was in fact a robot that did do almost everything and simultaneously too, I was disappointed to read that it wasn’t available in the U.S.  By the time I found Spanish food blogs that listed both regular and Thermomix recipes on their sites, I was feeling a little deprived.  Not of a machine I might not need after all, but of the Jetsons future I thought we’d all have by now.  I’ve asked Marta to let me know what it’s like to cook with a Thermomix and how she uses  it.  In the meantime, I’ve posted a clip of how I imagine it works until I know differently.

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  1. lourdes bufill #

    You know, Virginia Verdaja, (another cousin from Spain, living in the US) has also spoken of the elusive Thermomix! I’ll see what I can find out about it from her but I don’t think it cleans up after itself. That much I know.

    And about the corn slathered in mayo and chile, it is absolutely Mexican, not Cuban. This much I also know since I lived in Mexico for four years and the one thing I miss the most is the markets and that kind of market food. The other thing I miss the most is the kids on the street who knock on the car window and sell little tighly wrapped bunches of fresh gardenias for 5 pesos. They were like mini bridal bouquests and the smell was heavenly. The other thing I miss the most…..

    Hey, lets go on a food/market exploration trip to Oaxaca.


    27 May 2009
    • hungrysofia #

      Definitely and soon!

      28 May 2009
  2. cami #

    I’m still waiting for my flying car!

    27 May 2009
  3. elisa #

    i have to see this thing. it will revolutionize our work in the kitchen. they are keeping it from us on purpose (conspiracy brain at work)

    28 May 2009

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