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For a Change

I live a few blocks away from Cobble Hill’s Smith Street where you can’t swing a baguette without hitting three French bistros.  With my mother visiting and my blog in mind, we decided to try Coco Roco, a Peruvian restaurant, for lunch instead. After my last few deep fried days, I ordered the Peruvian paella with mixed seafood and chorizo although next time I will definitely have the arroz chaufa de puerco, a  fried rice with shredded pork that was tender and well seasoned.  Simple dishes, I loved the brightness the cilantro, fresh peppers and corn added to each.  The best dessert by far was the coconut and lime flan my sister grudgingly shared with me.  It was creamy but light and not overly rich.  I ordered the chocolate empanadas with chancaca syrup and chirimoya ice cream which I mostly enjoyed for the thrill of watching the chocolate pour out like a tiny volcano.  My mother however was disappointed that they didn’t have the Suspiro de Limeña she’d enjoyed in Peru.  A decadent dulce de leche custard, it was named by the poet Jose Gálvez who compared it to a women’s sigh.  The kitchen confessed it had been left off the menu in consideration of American taste.  I can’t help but feel that this caution, typical of too many small Latin restaurants, is not as necessary as it once was and they should allow themselves to be seen more clearly.


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  1. cami #

    I was reluctant to try this place even though I’d heard it was pretty good–but it was excellent! I really enjoyed it!

    23 May 2009

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