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Lost in Translation

Finding Latin American staples in New York is harder than you’d think.  A little spoiled, I expect everything to eventually make it’s way here though the trick is finding where its landed.  Divided by a common language, a dominican grocer will give you a noncommittal shrug when asked whether the mountain of batatas he’s standing in front is not actually the cuban boniatos that you’re looking for.  Although I’m fluent in Spanish, I have a second-generation-american’s insecurity when faced with a native speaker and assume the miscommunication is on my end.  That’s how I ended up lost in Jackson Heights buying a colombian arepa griddle which is actually a mexican comal for making tortillas, or maybe it’s both?

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  1. George Martinez #

    This is the best!!! I always tell my girlfriend “que son boniato, cono” and she thinks I make this stuff up; on another similar note… Habichuelas no son “beans, per se”

    20 May 2009
  2. catalina de gagne #

    Hey, Is this the day we went to Queens when I only got us lost?! 🙂

    16 May 2010
    • hungrysofia #


      16 May 2010

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