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I Heart Cafe Pedlar

Given the dire state of our economy, it’s probably a mistake to take every business closing in my neighborhood to heart, but I can’t help it.  When Café Nova on the corner of Warren St. & Court St. closed down, I was crushed.  Naturally, I blamed myself.  Was it because I regularly took up their tables for an hour and 15 minutes to nurse a single latte while I did my laundry?  Was it because I refused to call it anything but Café Nova even though it had been Margaret Palca Bakes for a couple of years already?  Was I too aggressive when I stared down that spoiled 8 year old girl for a table?  Did I scare away the mommy money and help put them out of business?  Mostly, I love my neighborhood and don’t want to see it suffer.  Since my favorite coffee spot closed this January, my heart would sink a little every time I passed the shuttered corner. Read more