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Posts tagged ‘Spain…A Culinary Road Trip’


I’ve had it flagged for a long time but it wasn’t until this weekend that I finally made a batch of Galician filloasServed year around in northern Spain, they are most popular during early winter’s carnival season.  Similar to crêpes, they’re made from with the usual suspects – flour, eggs, milk – but can also be blended with stock and cooked off with bacon fat or lard instead of butter.  The thin batter is poured onto a hot skillet (or a stone), flipped and filled or sprinkled with sugar and served as dessert.  Hovering somewhere between sweet and savory, they can be hard to classify.  Read more

Fairest of Them All

I really miss apples when they’re gone.  I try to follow the seasons, stay local, only buy what’s available at the farmer’s markets but have to admit that I cheat all the time when it comes to apples.  Not that I have to these days – the markets are bursting with every variety.  My great grandmother, who grew up on a farm in Asturias where they made their own cider, lived to be a very healthy and graceful 103.  It could have been the apples or the Estée Lauder but its definitely worth a try.  Having found a simple recipe for baked apples, I looked for variations with added butter, custard, almonds, or preserves.  They all looked great, and I’ll Read more