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So Much To Do

After the relative quiet of the last few months, it seems like everyone is ready to celebrate the arrival of summer or at least have a glass of Rioja.  From now until May 27th, 25 restaurants in both New York and Chicago will be offering special lunch and dinner menus for Rioja Restaurant Week.  Lately it feels like restaurant week year around but it’s definitely worth visiting one, or two or three…Click here for a list of participating restaurants. Read more

Catching Up in February

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve talked about what I was reading, but I didn’t want to let February go by without pointing to some really interesting articles.  Of course, the El Bulli story has continued to develop with the  announcement that it would close permanently in 2012 and re-open as a non-profit foundation 2014.  There were two interesting pieces in the New York Times Diner’s Journal by Grant Achatz and Frank Bruni about the very different emotions the restaurant inspired. Read more

Fiesta Latina

I watched the coverage of last week’s Fiesta Latina celebrated at the White House with sincere but vague interest.  Though I was happy that it went well and proud as always for the recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, multi-cultural events at the White House have become frequent enough that you don’t expect any real surprises.  That was before I came across on of my favorite food writer, Maricel Presilla’s account in “Cooking at La Casa Blanca: Behind the Scenes with the Fiesta Latina Guest Chef” in the Miami  Click here for the for complete article.

Picking a Pepper

I found myself at Whole Foods last week staring blankly at their large chile peppers selection.  The signs above the peppers gave involved descriptions of where they were from, what was mild and fruity, and what was deadly but there was no correlation to the actual chiles.  So while I knew each one’s life story, I wasn’t sure which basket of peppers it described.  Unsure of what to buy, I took a small selection to figure it out later.  Maricel E. Presilla’s A World of Peppers in this moth’s Saveur should help avoid confusion the next time around.

Make It Hot, But Not Yet

I hate being cold, but I love getting warm.  As soon as I found this recipe for “Age of Discovery” Vanilla-Scented Hot Chocolate from Maricel E. Presilla’s The New Taste of Chocolate: A Cultural & Natural History of Cacao with Recipes, I had to try it.  Based on a seventeenth-century treatise by Antonio Colmenero de Ledesma, the drink discovered in Mexico and brought to Spain was touted as a cure-all.  I had set off to make this a couple of months ago but had gotten sidetracked.  After the sudden onset of summer heat last week, I thought this would be my last hot chocolate for awhile. Read more