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Posts tagged ‘Dominos’

Catching Up in December

I briefly considered skipping my catching up post for December.  The new year came on to quickly after the chaos of the blizzard and it had been a relatively quiet online month before that.  Still, counting out the grapes for this year’s countdown, I realized I couldn’t end the year on an incomplete.  Though I normally pull together stories and links from other sites, when I unexpectedly received my wordpress report card reviewing my year online, I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up on my own.  So in lieu of the twelve grapes I’ll be throwing back at midnight to welcome in 2011, here’s a quick catch-up list of the most popular posts from each month (with a few of my favorites mixed in) of the past year. Read more

Domino Effect

I couldn’t think of  a better way to celebrate my 200th post than with a game of dominoes.  Growing up Cuban, we loved playing dominoes when we were kids.  Our grandparents were happy to have us quiet and entertained for a couple of hours and we were happy to swirl the clacking tiles around the table, dunking oreos in milk between matches, and enjoying the late of hours of a Sunday afternoon.  Then we got older and everything changed. Read more