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Posts tagged ‘Cafe con leche’

Un Cafecito

From the onset of the holiday season, scrooges and Christmas fans have one complaint in common, if it’s so wonderful why isn’t it like this year round? Then January 2 happens and there’s a collective gasp – what have I done?!  Nothing fits!  I’m so hungover!  I have to get rid of this tree! Churches empty and gyms fill, and it’s only been a month.  While I support the idea of everyday peace, love and understanding, I don’t think we’re up to daily Christmas just yet. Read more

Sunday Mornings

I thought I left behind my Saturday cartoon habit in elementary school but realized it’d just morphed into my early Sunday morning movie ritual.  I do try to sleep in like everyone else but it’s impossible to explain to my two yorkies why they should let me on this one day of the week (either they don’t want to learn or they can’t learn).  Not that I mind too much since it’s the only day I don’t feel obligated to check the weather, headlines or facebook first thing.  Cafe con leche  and TCM is like cake for breakfast.  It doesn’t even have to be particularly good, as long as it’s black and white and has that low crackle soundtrack of sizzling bacon.  Maybe I never got Dorothy opening the the sepia door to Oz, but its become my own way to test the waters for the week ahead.  A Thin Man movie, it’s going to be a good week.  Destry Rides Again, could be trouble.  Fred and Ginger, might be s’marvelous.