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Posts tagged ‘Almond and Garlic Gazpacho with Green Grapes’

Ajo Blanco

I’ve wanted to post a recipe for ajo blanco since my friend Félix Ortiz told me about it several weeks ago.  Waiting out the garlic scapes and spring varieties in the farmer’s market, I finally tried it when the first full formed garlic appeared.  Trying to incorporate the mashing with the blending with the right amount of water, I ended up with three consecutive batches of garlic milk.  If you haven’t tried garlic milk, don’t.  Consulting Anya Von Bremzen’s The New Spanish Table, I was able to figure out what went wrong.  Without a mortar and pestle large enough to really work the oil into the bread and almond mixture, it didn’t emulsify the way it should, either too thin or too grainy.  I switched over to the blender after making the initial paste and it gave me the right consistency in a few whirls.  The final result was smooth, refreshing, and easy.  Typical of Málaga, this creamy white gazpacho makes a great light, mid-summer meal.

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