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IMG_3199Deep in cookbook research the past few weeks, this boniatillo has been on deck for awhile.  Now that I’m (almost) ready to return to regular programming, I couldn’t go forward until I posted a favorite and final recipe from last year.  Boniatillo – boiled sweet potatoes cooked down with syrup, spiced with cinnamon and spiked with rum – is a simple kind of dessert that would be easy enough to make before the holidays.  Or so I thought. Read more


Catching Up to the New Year

Recently Updated5I find myself in this position every year -unable to move forward until I take a quick look back.  Though one post leads to another, I can’t say that a theme or pattern emerges now that I see my favorites lined up.  What I do see, are moments where I loved being in the kitchen, working out something new, and figuring out the best way to share it.  Can’t wait for more of the same in 2013.  Happy New Year! Read more