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Croqueta Springa

This spring, I spent a few days working on a how-to-make croquetas for the Cooking Channel’s  Devour the Blog.  What was supposed to be a fast and easy solution for leftovers, became an ongoing project as I tried a few different variations and even planned an entire brunch around it for friends (hereto known as croquetaspringa).  Now that the post is up, I have a daily reminder when I open my freezer and batches of frozen croquetas launch out at me like so many breaded torpedoes.  Before we head into summer, I thought I’d link up and take one look back at a spring well spent.  Click here for the recipe and final post.


Fideos Secos

It was about a year ago today that I started a major kitchen re-haul (really a few hours) before throwing a surprise party in my apartment.  I say started because, while everything was put back into some kind of order, I don’t think it was really finished until this week.  Faced with the potential embarrassment of friends seeing my apartment in shambles, I made miracles happen and then took some time off (about 12 months to be exact).  Most of the elements were in place but crowded, and I hadn’t gotten around to tying it all together. Read more

Food Blogging with Steven Shaw

On May 15th, the International Culinary Center is starting a new session of Food Blogging with Steven Shaw, founder of e-Gullet.  I’ve written about it before but I just can’t say enough about this class.  If you read Amanda Hesser’s advice to food writers, followed the ensuing hashtag storm, and wondered if food blogs were really over but still want to start your own, then this might be the right class at the right time.  Click here for more information about the next session of classes starting up next week!

Catching Up in May

I think I’ve put off writing my catching-up post because well…I’m no where near caught up.  Several ongoing projects came to a boil all l at once and I’m still waiting for things to settle down again.  Now that I realize it might never happen, I decided to take a break and go fishing (through my links)…

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